Triple Ridge Forest Partnership
Annual Report - 2002 Budget
19 March 2002


2002 Budget, 2001 Financial Statements & Tax Credits
Enclosed is this year's estimated budget and a request for payment. We have asked for full payment but if this causes anyone difficulties it is fine to pay half now and the other half after June.
BDO Spicers have nearly finished the partnership accounts and Deloittes will audit these soon. We hope to get you your Tax Certificate within a few weeks.

Site Progress Reports

It has been and excellent season for your four forest stands and growth has growth been spectacular. Most are not yet two years old and many trees are over two metres already, which is exceptional.

Overall survival and establishment has been as good as it could possibly have been so a very high percentage of the area planted should become fully established. The main item of work to be done this year is extra 'releasing', which is the control of competition, mostly broom, gorse and bracken fern.

Below is a brief summary of the state of each stand and any work to be done.

LH3 - Radiata clearwood regime - Leslie Hills

This is by far your largest stand. We will have a map of it to hand soon and that should give us a better idea of its actual stocked area. Our estimate is between 150 and 170 ha.

It was unaffected by last year's drought so growth to date is well ahead of predictions based on neighbouring stands we have established for other partnerships. Of course the broom on the site has grown equally well. It is not competing much in most areas but where it is it is worth controlling in order to promote even growth across the whole stand. A combination of hand and aerial spraying with selective herbicides will be used, some of which has been done recently.

The only annual pest control done is of possums and this was carried out recently. They are not there in numbers sufficient to threaten the trees but they can carry bovine Tb so it is good farm forestry practice to always keep numbers very low. Native flora and fauna such as the Falcons that nest at the top of the site also benefit. The farm carries out ferret control too.

The trace element boron will be applied to the whole site by helicopter, most likely in December this year. Research has shown that Radiata is often deficient in boron, which can result in poor form and wood defects. Foliage tests will be carried out soon to establish current boron levels.

Shortly the tracks will be cleared as they have become overgrown in places.

Overall, this stand of trees is looking like being one of the best we have established. It is a good site, well planted and released and it's had two good seasons to start life.

KM1 - Radiata & Macrocarpa clearwood regimes

As with LH3 this stand has had a good start. It is on coastal warmer country in a very high growth area and most of it is free of serious weed competition except for some bracken fern and several small patches of broom & gorse. We carried out second releasing over the whole stand in the spring and will do some more soon and next spring. Again, this stand will get boron late in the year.

GT5 - Douglas-fir

We are very pleased with the progress of this site too. Douglas-fir is a species which, on the right site, thrives on early to mid summer rain. GT5 is the right site and this season Glens of Tekoa has had buckets of rain so growth has been excellent. Almost all of the area planted has taken except for the odd patch where conditions have not been favourable, either due to poor drainage or too little soil. There are some areas of seedling gorse and broom that will be sprayed in early winter with glyphosate ('Roundup') when the trees are most dormant and thereby safe from harm. This stand will not receive boron since there is insufficient evidence that this species needs additional supplies.

GT6 - Radiata clearwood regime

This stand, also on Glens of Tekoa is a year older than your other three. It is pretty well established now with some trees over two metres. It has had a slower start than your other two Radiata stands but it is early days yet. In drought years it may out perform the other two since it is in a higher rainfall area. It will receive boron this year.

Site Visit

I would be happy to take a group of you to either Glens of Tekoa or Leslie Hills and Kalimera one day within the next few weeks. Those interested please phone, fax or email me as to which days of the week suit and I will try to organise something. Don't forget there are cottages for rent at Tekoa and Kalimera if you would like to spend a couple of days in these places.

If you have any queries about anything, or want more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

Charles Etherington
Partnership Manager

Warren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment provider
Warren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment providerWarren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment providerWarren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment provider