Triple Ridge Forest Partnership
Progress Report
28 November 2000

Planting Totals, Budget Progress & Extra Contributions this year

Further to the last report here are amended and final totals of trees planted on the three sites planted this year:

Species &
Stems per
Est. Area
P.radiata - GF19 1999 23,000 1,000 23.00 23.00
P.Radiata - GF19 2000 169, 000 1,000 169.00 161.00
Douglas-fir - HEBO 2000 71, 000 1, 371 51.80 40.00
P.radiata 2000 19,000 1,000 19.00 17.00
C.macrocarpa - FRI
Clones & Strathellen
2000 4,350 1,000 4.35 3.00
    286,350   267.15 244.00
Original Budget 99-00
Actual Expenditure to
$426,400 +7.03%      
Original Budget per
hectare per unit
Actual cost per
hectare per unit
$1,596 -2.27%      

You will see from the above final tallies, there may be as much as 23ha (9.4%) more planted, more than half of which is Douglas-fir on Glens of Tekoa. This of course has required extra expenditure on trees and labour. There were also extra non-budgeted costs on the Douglas-fir site for preparation before planting. This was for mechanical scrub clearance instead of burning, which was not possible in the end. Labour costs were higher than budgeted. Freight and travel costs increased significantly due to the fuel price rise.

However there were also savings made on this year's budget too: Seedlings, herbicides, pest control, insurance, mapping, accountancy, and re-planting (‘blanking’) costs were saved or were lower. You will be pleased to hear there was no increase in management, supervision or consultancy costs.

Accordingly, virtually all extra expenditure is reflected directly in extra site preparation and planting, and the majority of savings were overheads. Hence an overall reduction (2.27%) in the amount partners have had to invest per hectare of forest planted. In other words, the amount you are investing in Triple Ridge has increased a little and this is represented by that much, and a little more, in asset value.

Further, some payment of this year’s expenditure can be deferred to next year’s budget, which will be finalised early next year. That means the Partnership needs only $240 per unit extra now (Account enclosed). There may in fact be no need to increase next year’s budget (forecast as $459 per unit) to account for such deferred expenditure, as $15,000 is provided for re-planting, most of which is unlikely to be needed. That will not be known for sure until the end of this summer when survival counts are done. At the moment survival has been very good (95% plus) which is on track for there being virtually no requirement for further planting.

If any Partner would like to see a breakdown of expenditure to date, or has any questions at all, just call.

Site Visits and AGM

I do not think many Partners would be able to make an organised site visit before the end of this year, so we will not hold one until February next year when hopefully, a good number can attend. However, if anyone, especially from out of Canterbury wants to visit one or more of the sites before then, just call me and I can arrange it and maybe even take you there.

The Partnership Deed requires us to hold an AGM within ten months of commencing, and annually within four months of the year’s beginning. As the Partnership began in April this year, I propose we hold the inaugural and 2001 AGMs at the same time in February. A notice of this will be sent out, together with a proposed field-day and a draft 2001 budget in early January. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Charles Etherington
Manager of the Partnership

Warren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment provider
Warren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment providerWarren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment providerWarren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment provider