Triple Ridge Forest Partnership
Progress Report
25 September 2000


Planting Completed, Releasing well underway

The partnership almost certainly will have more forest area than was predicted, but probably not 17.3ha more. We know GT6 is larger because it became sensible and practical to include some further hectares in that site. But for LH3 and KM1 it may be just that we were too conservative in our estimates of what was plantable, and/or there may be a little overstocking overall.
You may ask why we do not get a surveyor to measure the planted areas using GPS. This is because it is expensive and there is no useful reason to invest in acquiring that information yet, as the overriding objective at this point is to ensure the total plantable area of each site is fully stocked. In five years time it will be done for the Radiata blocks as part of inventory and valuation prior to thinning and pruning contracts being tendered.

Budget Progress & Contributions this year

Thank you to those who have paid the third instalment, and to the rest, please send it in now. Not all the bills are in yet but when they are we will give you details of how much extra will be needed to pay this years work on your forest sites, and why. There are several areas where we have saved and continue to save budgeted expenditure, so it is not simply a case of adding the extra land preparation and planting costs incurred. As advised earlier it still looks like the partnership will need about $200 per unit more.


On the previous page there are a couple of shots I took recently to show you what a Radiata plantation looks like ‘at birth’ and aged five, currently graphically demonstrated at Leslie Hills by your largest site and one of our first plantations next door.

We will have a field-day there later in the growing season. Hope you can come.

Charles Etherington
Manager of the Partnership

PS: One Partner has two units for sale at face value, i.e. the amount invested in them so far which is $3,984 each. Call us if you would like to buy, we have a list of non-partners who will buy them if no existing one does.

Warren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment provider
Warren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment providerWarren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment providerWarren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment provider