Triple Ridge Forest Partnership
Progress Report
22 August 2000


Planting Ahead of Schedule
This is the first progress report for this partnership. I apologise for not sending one already but I have been flat out organising and supervising the planting of your forest stands.

Planting has gone particularly well, thanks to a good weather pattern and good contractors. We are a few weeks ahead of schedule and there are only about 20 hectares left to plant.
By far the largest site is 'Triple Ridge' or 'LH3' on Leslie Hills. This was virtually finished two weeks ago and the contractor has begun the release spraying. That is weeks ahead of schedule but better done early than late.

The Radiata and Macrocarpa site on ‘Kalimera’ at Hundalee ('KM1') was planted at the beginning of July, although there remains about 1.5 ha to finish off.

Douglas-fir at 'Glens of Tekoa' ('GT5') is going slowly but surely. About 30 ha is done and perhaps 15 ha left.

The weather has been ideal with long fine periods and then good rainfall in the hills just when needed. Of course the 100 - 200 mm last weekend, and a little snow the last two days, is not needed on any of your sites! I expect the heavy rain has done a bit of damage to some of the new tracks, which may need repair.

It looks like the partnership may end up with more forest area than predicted. LH3 has already taken 166,000 trees (161,000 predicted) and may require about 2,000 more. KM1 will total about 22,000 (20,000 predicted) and GT5 may require as may as 62,000 (55,000 predicted). Auditing to measure average stocking rates will give an approximate planted area although not one to be relied on in the long term. The fully stocked areas will be measured in a few years time to facilitate accurate budgeting of pruning and thinning operations and valuations, but the indications are that there will about 5% more area planted.

If that is the case, it means your investment asset will be that much larger, but as it will not affect the partnership’s overheads, the contributions required of partners will not increase as much.

Budget Progress & Contributions this year - Third instalment needed now

As we are well ahead of schedule with planting and releasing, I must bring forward the date for the next instalment so we do not leave the planting contractors and tree nurseries etc waiting for payment.
Many of you have already paid all that was required for 2000 and I would ask the rest of you to do the same as soon as you are able to. If that is really not possible for you, please give me a call to make other arrangements.
So far this year’s budget for site preparation and planting ($223,200) is running about $9,000 over budget, due entirely to extra costs of preparation on GT5. Roller-crushing was needed, where it was too damp to get a good burn. LH3 will be on budget which is excellent as it is 66% of your forest area. However if we end up with more area planted, the extra costs will probably require further contributions from partners of about $100 to $200 per unit. We will not know this for about a month and payment would not be needed until November.

Photos, AGM, Site visits

Below are links to a couple of shots I took recently which will give you a glimpse of the superb countryside we have the privilege of establishing our forests in. In the early summer we will organise a field day one weekend and invite you, if interested, to come out and see your newly planted forest stands. There will also be an AGM held before the end of the year.

Mt Noble ,Leslie Hills

Charles Etherington
Manager of the Partnership

Warren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment provider
Warren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment providerWarren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment providerWarren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment provider