Six Hills Forest Partnership
Radiata Pruning Investment
11 February 2002


Pruning your Radiata to begin

The Partnership's Consultant, David Thode from P F Olsen and Company Ltd inspected your oldest Radiata stand (AH2 - 5.5) at Ahuriri in December and advised we could go ahead and prune it this season as the average tree size is now sufficient. It had clearly grown considerably over the previous year and it should be no surprise to you that this season's growth has been tremendous. The slowing of growth during drought in recent years has now been fully compensated for.

In the original Forestry Plan forecasts drawn up by Olsens six years ago the stand was scheduled to be ready to have its first pruning lift next October. So it has performed better than expected, although as forecast, the Partnership will require funds to pay for some pruning this year. Not as much will be needed because planting was in fact over two years rather than one.

The amount that will be needed by the end of this year can only be roughly estimated at this stage because accurate mapping of the fully stocked areas of your five Radiata stands has not been completed, although it is underway now. We also do not yet know what the average pruned heights are likely to be, but will do before long. Since the cost is a factor of total stocked area times the number of trees pruned per hectare times the number of metres pruned, it can vary quite a lot. Our current estimate assumes similar figures for stems pruned and average height as achieved for HF2 at Hopefield Station for Amuri Hills Forest Partnership. You have HF1 there, which is two years younger.

As funds will be needed for the work to begin quite soon on AH2 and for mapping and some outstanding accounts from last year, we must ask for an immediate interim contribution.

Your Committee has agreed a levy of $250 per unit and according a request for this in enclosed. Please send it in right away if you can. A full budget and last year's audited accounts and your 2001 Tax deduction Certificate will follow in about two months.

Website & Email Addresses

Those of you connected to the Internet will be able to see some past and more recent photos of your stands on our website at as well as other information like a page on our latest issue, 'Mt Whitnow Forest Partnership'. (We will be sending you a complimentary copy of the Investment Statement shortly)

If you have an Email address we would be grateful if you could give it to us on the payment slip when sending in your current contribution as in due course we can send reports to you that way as well as more photographs.

If you have any queries about anything, or want more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at any time.

Charles Etherington
Manager for the Partnership Committee

Warren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment provider
Warren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment providerWarren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment providerWarren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment provider