Amuri Hills Forest Partnership
Accounts - Budget - AGM
1 June 2000


1999 Accounts & Tax Credits

Enclosed is a copy of the latest audited financial statements. You should have already received your Taxable Loss & RWT Certificate and you will note the same figures are listed at the back of the financial statements.

2000 Budget

We sent you a draft of this year's budget when we last wrote, for any comment or queries. There were none so presumably it all made sense. We will ask the Partnership's Consultant to look at it before the AGM. The Forestry Consultant will also be involved later in the year when all five stands are to be mapped in detail, assessed for progress and valued.

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The 2000 AGM of the Partnership will be held at our office, Leinster House (above the 'Little India' restaurant), 158 Leinster Rd beginning at 5.45 pm on Tuesday the 20th of June 2000.
The formal business of the AGM will be :

a) To receive and consider the financial statements and Auditor's report for the Partnership's year ending 31 December 1999; and

b) To discuss and consider the previous and current years' Work Schedules and Budgets, together with any reports of the Forestry Consultant and Management Committee;

c) Election or re-election of the Management Committee.
If you wish to stand for the Committee you should attend the meeting in person or by proxy.


If you are not able to, or do not wish to attend the AGM, but would like to delegate your right to vote or speak to another person, you may do so in accordance with clause 3 of Schedule 1 to the Partnership Deed. (There is a copy of the Deed in your copy of the Prospectus). Please post or fax or email proxies to me at our office at least 48 hours in advance of the AGM.

If you have any queries about anything, or want more information, please don't hesitate to contact me at any time.

Charles Etherington
Manager for the Partnership Committee

PS: Triple Ridge Forest Partnership closed over subscribed in April.
This went very well. We are now working on a 100% Douglas-fir investment partnership which should be out on the market in the Spring.

PPS: I have recently read some appallingly ignorant statements from so-called 'financial advisers' putting down forestry investment. If anyone comes across such, please feel free to send me a copy as I like to reply to these people and try and educate them. (Copy correspondence available on request) What they say is usually full of holes or plain wrong, and it's often self serving since they want people to invest in the 'portfolios' they manage.

Warren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment provider
Warren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment providerWarren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment providerWarren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment provider