Annual Report
1 August 2006

Weather. Since the last annual report in April 2005 the North Canterbury weather has been relatively uneventful from a forest grower's point of view. A very mild autumn and winter; an average spring; a below average rainfall summer and a cool wet autumn. Now a 'real' winter with lots of rain and snow, however none too damaging in North Canterbury or on the Port Hills. We hope it remains that way and Spring follows early.

Forest Stand progress

Glens of Tekoa 'GT7' (54ha). A second and final high prune has begun and will be completed after the contractors finish their winter planting work. All of it will then be thinned to the final crop stocking. Growth and form are good. The broom competition has been eclipsed now.

Glens of Tekoa 'GT10 (51ha). Your Douglas-fir is healthy and growing very well. No work is needed but with it producing seed now we are keeping an eye out for wildings. We do not expect many needing removal.

Hopefield Station 'HF1' (27ha). A little more pruning then a full thinning will complete work on this stand before the end of this year. Growth and form are very good indeed.

Leslie Hills 'LH2' (42ha). We've had two experienced consultants look at this stand and agree it is not worth the further investment of pruning and should be converted to a framing regime. This means just a thinning is required in a couple of years time, leaving a relatively high stocking to produce stiff framing timber.

Ahuriri Farm 'AH1&2' (75ha). These stands have grown very well and before the year's end both will have all silviculture on them finished. That means a second and third pruning lift respectively and a final thinning.

Investment period near end

With work underway and a lot more to come over the next five months that will virtually bring to an end the partnership's investment years. The exception is the waste thin of the Douglas-fir in about six years time. Therefore the level of contributions required of Partners will fall to low annual maintenance sums from next year. When we have all final Radiata pruning and thinning data to hand we will give you an analysis of actual costs and forest growth compared to forecasts, plus a current forecast of future harvest yields and returns.

Charles Etherington
WARREN FORESTRY Ltd, Manager for the Committee

Warren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment provider
Warren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment providerWarren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment providerWarren Forestry Ltd, New Zealand forestry investment provider